Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Toodle-oo Toulouse!

Well, our experience in Toulouse, France was overall fantastic! We learned quite a bit, and were able to make some wonderful new friends that will last a lifetime! That's always a plus :)
To call it quits, we decided to make the very most of our last day! So, obviously, we went to visit the only double walled medieval city in the entire world-complete with a castle. It was an awesome adventure, and we were able to actively participate in history. Plus, it was chilly, so i got to wear a fantastic French hat (I felt so cultured). That basically made my day.
Once we had seen all there was to see of the majestic castle, we ventured to downtown Toulouse to the most incredible steak restaurant I've ever been to in my life. Steak, French fries, and dessert are the only things they serve. They don't even have a menu.
They just ask you how you would prefer your steak, and that's that.
It was awesome :)
AND, it was all you can eat. We made good use of that deal.
So, we're concluding our time in Toulouse, but we are off to finish up our trip as a whole in beautiful Kandern, Germany, and we couldn't be more excited about that!
It will be great to see some familiar, and dearly missed, faces.
So, until I update tomorrow, have a wonderful night!

Prayer Requests:
* Pray for Dad as he finishes his prep work to teach the Coaching class at Black Forest Academy once we get there.
* Pray for a safe flight to Geneva and four hour car ride to Kandern--could be quite the beautiful trip!
* Pray for Michael and Emilie Gibbons and their very needed ministry to those who don't know Jesus in Toulouse.  Ask God to help them and their team to be faithful and look to Him for the results.

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  1. Awesome hat Rachel! You wear it well. Great picts. Love your interesting updates!