Friday, February 3, 2012

Our Day in Deutschland

Today was awesome!
It was wonderful to get to see these familiar faces.
I got to spend the day at BFA! The first half was at an elementary school with some wonderful fourth graders, so that was fantastic! I really do hope to be a teacher someday. Maybe even in Germany :) The second half of my day was spent with Joe at the highschool. I basically shadowed him, and followed him to all of his afternoon classes. That was pretty fun! German highschool is a LOT different than in Fargo.
A lot.
My dad taught his seminars on coaching and they went really well. He met some interesting people and was able to pass off some of his knowledge on the subject to some people who really needed to hear it. So that was awesome!
He also met David and Helen McCormack who work at BFA.  What's really wild is that David graduated from the same High School my dad did, and his aunt was one of his elementary school teachers!  My dad says it's a pretty small world, especially in North Dakota.

My new hat! YES!

The BFA logo, in all of it's splendor! Fun Fact: They are the Falcons. Kind of like another Christian school we know of :)

Look! Germany has a Moorhead, too!

My fourth grade class! 11 students.
I got a hat! A European hat, just for me! And it actually goes with my coat, so that's always good news.

Prayer Requests:
* Please pray for the Granos and their ministry at Black Forest Academy.  Ask God to use them in the classroom and the office to do a great job supporting all the missionary families from 52 countries associated with the school. 
* Pray for God to provide the several other key workers that the school is looking for next year.
*Finally, pray for us to have a safe flight to Minneapolis tomorrow and then drive from Mpls to Fargo in the evening (when we'll probably be pretty tired!).

Thursday, February 2, 2012


We made it! Germany is now under our control.
Just kididng.
But we did arrive safely and intactly, which is a plus. We said our goodbyes to the Gibbons at the airport around 10:15, got on a flight, and arrived in Geneva, Switzerland at around 1:30. We then had a nice 3 hour drive ahead of us, but we stopped off at a Bern, Switzerland (the Swiss capitol) to explore a bit. That was awesome. There was snow falling the whole time, and it felt like North Dakota. It was slightly depressing and slightly comforting all at the same time.
So we shopped around a bit in Bern (and bought, beleive it or not, MORE chocolate), and then headed to Kandern.
We got to the Grano's house at 6:30 tonight, and they have been wonderful with their hospitality. I'm pretty excited to eat supper.
Tomorrow I get to hang out with 4th graders for a couple hours, and Dad will get to teach 2 classes on
"Coaching", so the day will fly by pretty quick.
Which is a shame. I like Germany.
So, we made it! I'm sure there will be tons of pictures up tomorrow, our last official day (there weren't any today because it was mainly a travel day) in Europe, so stay tuned! I'm excited to see how God works tomorrow.
Be praying!
We miss you.
See you on Sunday (if the jet lag isn't too terrible, of course)!

Prayer Requests:
* Pray for the Coach training that Dad will do tomorrow, asking God to make it very helpful to the people who take it.
* Pray for the Granos and their work at Black Forest Academy.  This is a school where many missionary kids from all over the world go to school.  If it weren't for this school, lots of parents would have to go back to their home country instead of staying where God sent them.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Toodle-oo Toulouse!

Well, our experience in Toulouse, France was overall fantastic! We learned quite a bit, and were able to make some wonderful new friends that will last a lifetime! That's always a plus :)
To call it quits, we decided to make the very most of our last day! So, obviously, we went to visit the only double walled medieval city in the entire world-complete with a castle. It was an awesome adventure, and we were able to actively participate in history. Plus, it was chilly, so i got to wear a fantastic French hat (I felt so cultured). That basically made my day.
Once we had seen all there was to see of the majestic castle, we ventured to downtown Toulouse to the most incredible steak restaurant I've ever been to in my life. Steak, French fries, and dessert are the only things they serve. They don't even have a menu.
They just ask you how you would prefer your steak, and that's that.
It was awesome :)
AND, it was all you can eat. We made good use of that deal.
So, we're concluding our time in Toulouse, but we are off to finish up our trip as a whole in beautiful Kandern, Germany, and we couldn't be more excited about that!
It will be great to see some familiar, and dearly missed, faces.
So, until I update tomorrow, have a wonderful night!

Prayer Requests:
* Pray for Dad as he finishes his prep work to teach the Coaching class at Black Forest Academy once we get there.
* Pray for a safe flight to Geneva and four hour car ride to Kandern--could be quite the beautiful trip!
* Pray for Michael and Emilie Gibbons and their very needed ministry to those who don't know Jesus in Toulouse.  Ask God to help them and their team to be faithful and look to Him for the results.