Saturday, January 28, 2012

Winter Retreat!

Hey, hey, hey! Day 6!
This trip is just flying by.
It's weird to think we're already halfway done!
And what a wonderful first half it's been!

So, last night we got in to our weekend "resort", which is an assortment of cabins and one main building that lies just out a tiny little French town called Egleton. It's adorable.
It's funny, because this is actually the only Western style lodging in all of France. So it's much like we went from America to France to America.
Gotta love that :)
Dad gave his first lesson this morning, and it really moved the team here, most were tearing up by the end.
So powerful.
God works in such wonderful ways.
So then we had worship (2 songs in French. Dad and I were fumbling through them a bit, but we'll be pros by the end of the retreat and have a few new songs to teach Lee! Haha.), and then went into the downtown area and did a little shopping. We're scheduled to head out there again tonight for some delicious pizza for only like 7 euro per pie! What a deal! Gotta love Europe.

Keep the prayers flowing, God has been so evident in the first portion of our journey, and we'd love to finish strong with your support and love! Thank you so much, by the way. Here's our next round:

*Pray for my dad to have enough energy to finish out the weekend of leadership strong, and prepare well for his next round of teaching at BFA.
*Pray for the Toulouse team, that they would continue to hold down the fort here, and keep loving Jesus every step of the way.
*Pray for the people of France, that their hearts would be softened to the good news being presented to them.
*Pray for me, that I would be able to manage the workload that I'll be facing when I get back.
*Pray for the Gibbons, that they would be willing and able to continue the good work they are doing here.

*Pray for Christ to be revealed to those who need Him, both here, in Fargo, and everywhere in between.


  1. Thanks for the updates. Great pictures Rachel! What are the little piggies? Candy? Praying for you both. Eileen

  2. Great update! We are glad all is going well and for our God be glorified! Go team Stevens!