Thursday, January 26, 2012

Picture Update

Rachel here, and i have been having a blast taking pictures! Today was basically a "well we came to Europe, so we might as well be American tourists" kind of day. We had 3 wonderful guides walk us around the beautiful city of Toulouse, and I was able to capture most of the adventure on camera. So feast your eyes on some of the highlights thus far!

INCREDIBLE food here. Especially when it's homemade!

Even Europeans need coffee!

The buildings are all so artistic, it's awesome!

Even the TREES are creative.

The French are not the most high-quality drivers, though.

The capital building! Pretty pretty pretty.

A very impressive library!

The cathedral with the highest spier in Europe!

The classiest McDonalds I've ever seen in my life.

When the ice cream is in the shape of a rose, you know you've struck gold.

Even the graffiti is amazing!

All in all, it's been a wonderful trip so far, and it's only day 2 :) Keep the prayers coming, we leave for the winter retreat tomorrow!

Love and miss you all,

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