Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Last Day of Camp

Well today is our last full day of the retreat that we have been attending to help out our missionary friends.
It is a bittersweet parting, I think.
Bitter, because we're going to have to say goodbye.
Sweet because in a few days we are going to be able to say hello!
BFA, here we come!
But first, we're going to finish up our encouraging here at the camp in this cute little tiny French town. We have the rest of tonight to enjoy, and tomorrow morning we have one more message/worship session before we head out.
It should be a blast :)
We've made some excellent friends here. Emilie, Michael, Lucy, Alex, Kerstin, Phoenix, and Loretta.
2 Germans, 2 Chinese, 3 American missionaries to France, and 2 Americans. I'd say we're pretty well diversified.
It has been an incredible experience so far to be able to get to know these stewards of Christ and understand them and their ambitions. We love them all dearly now, and hate to have to leave them.
But hey, that's life. And it's not going to be "goodbye".
It's going to be "see you later".
Which is good.

Today's agenda consisted of waking up (for myself, it was accidentally an hour later than it should have been), eating breakfast (Nutella and baguettes, doesn't get much more wonderful than that), hearing Dad speak about, beleive it or not, the book of MARK! Wow! Didn't see that one coming :) , worship with Emilie, Lucy, and Alex, I went and did homework and spent some time with Jesus and wrote some letters while the Toulouse team and my father had workshops concerning the continuing ministry here. Then we had lunch. The food here is incredible. Beyond incredible, actually. Then it was a quick ten minute session with my dad to wrap up the previous meetings. Then free time! That's always nice. So I'm blogging, just to keep you wonderful folks in the European loop :)

Tonight the lovely Chinese ladies are preparing supper for us, so that should be an awesome treat! I'm personally quite excited. But, then again, I always get excited about food, so that's nothing new.

Hmmm I feel like that's a pretty sufficient update for the day. What to do you think? Feel free to leave comments, they brighten our day! We love you all <3

Prayer Requests:
*That we finish strong.
*That we start strong.
*That God works through us and the Toulouse team no matter where life takes us.

Most amazing ice cream. It's in the shape of a FLOWER! Definitely tops Coldstone!
Everybody, including Emilie and Michael!
The lovely Phoenix and Loretta!

The dream team. Alex, Lucy, yours truly, and Kerstin. Dad took the picture.


  1. Thanks Rachael. So happy that you and your dad are able to encourage the Christian families there. It's great to see the Body working together and being there for one another. Have a great last day!


  2. Thanks for the updates, Rachel!! Love the pix, the prayer requests, the humor!!