Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 8

The Retreat Center: Le Colorado

Another shot of the Retreat Center

Rachel at the sign for the Toulouse Evangelical Free Church
Dad and I are both quite tired.
I guess a 3 day retreat in France takes a lot out of ya.
But it's all good, because God has provided us with a couple chill down time days coming up here!
Tomorrow we only have one event going on (I won't tell too much, because I'll need something to write about tomorrow!), and I'm pretty sure the rest of the day will be dedicated to getting our energy back.
It's been a wonderful trip, but it's also been a full trip :)
So, considering this, prayer for restoration of the mind and body would be GREAT.
Because we still have wonderful Germany to go explore, and on Wednesday we get to venture out to an ancient castle here in Toulouse! It's going to really be exciting, and to be rested up for a full day of walking and adventuring would be excellent.
I think tomorrow's going to be nice and calm.
The retreat ended very well! We got our last session in and packed up and headed out! We arrived safely back at about 2:30 (7:30 in the morning US time, in case you're wondering), and we had some lunch, and then Michael, Emilie, Dad, and the rest of the gang headed to an English camp of sorts, but I stayed back and cleaned up and unpacked a bit from our excursion.
So now the kitchen is spotless ;)
Now, we're just about to sit down to supper (hopefully it's some insanely wonderful creation, as they have all been), and end the night with some good discussion and some time with Jesus.
Camps are a blast, but one of my favorite things is taking an honest to goodness (and usually much needed) shower once I get back!
Just being honest.
Love you all!
Until tomorrow,

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